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What is an Energy Statement?

When making an application to a planning authority for a new development, whether it is residential or commercial, it may be necessary to submit an Energy Statement alongside your planning application at the very start of the project process.

These statements, which can also be referred to as Energy Strategy Reports, should show how the development intends to meet specific local energy efficiency targets set by the LPA.

As a generalisation most LPA’s request a 10%, 15% or 19% reduction in Carbon Emissions or energy use, under that of the Part L targets, with exception of the London area in which far stricter reductions may be required.

When is an Energy Statement needed?

An Energy Statement should usually be submitted alongside your planning application, so it is important to commission someone before this.

In certain circumstances, the Energy Statement will be requested post-application as part of a set planning condition, but it can save valuable time and money if this is done a lot earlier in the design stage.

How can Productivv help?

Our qualified energy team can help by carrying out the following:

  • Research into the LPAs specific requirements and legislation
  • Calculation of the baseline predicted energy demand and carbon emissions
  • A feasibility study into district/community heating schemes and renewable technologies

Your dedicated assessor will then explain these options to you, along with the potential benefits and downsides to each different technology and the impact it would have on your development’s energy efficiency.

Once a design that meets the requirements has been agreed upon, we will produce a comprehensive report stating each of these factors, to support your planning application.

For more information, please call us on 0333 339 2322 or use our handy contact form to send us an email.

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