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What are Water Efficiency calculations?

Part G of the UK Building Regulations states that all new dwellings (both new build and newly converted) must achieve a projected water consumption of no more than 110 or 125 litres per person, per day (depending on your location).

Factors that will influence the projected water consumption include:

  • The flow rate of basin/kitchen taps
  • The flow rate of showers
  • The capacity of baths
  • The consumption of dishwashers and washing machines
  • The flushing capacity of toilets
  • The efficiency of water softeners, rainwater or greywater harvesting systems

When are Water Efficiency calculations needed?

Ideally these calculations should be carried out before you have purchased your proposed fittings so that your assessor can confirm whether these will meet Building Regulations compliance.

Don’t worry if you are already past this stage however, as there are other minor upgrades and attachments that can allow you to still meet the necessary rates.

How can Productivv help?

At Productivv our team of qualified assessors are able to carry out your required calculations within 3 working days (with a fast-track service available for even more urgent projects!) with clear and concise reports produced so that both you and your Building Control have the information you need, when you need it.

Our reports include:

  • A Notice of Water Efficiency (as required by Part G 37(1)
  • A summary of installed fittings
  • Separate design and as built reports detailing required/confirmed water usage rates

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