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Transport Assessments

Anticipating the movement of vehicles and people can be a large factor in development proposals, especially in the case of larger developments.

A transport assessment will allow a developer to identify potential effects that their project will have on the local transport system and provide mitigation solutions.

Our experienced team of transport specialists can assess these effects and produce professional mitigation strategies in line with any relevant national, regional and local planning policies or guidance.

What will my transport assessment include?

There are a number of different elements that our team will seek to cover in your transport assessment, including:

  • Scoping Study - An initial study into the scope of the development and potential increase in traffic, pedestrian and motorised
  • Accessibility Audit - This section will look at the proposed development and assess whether there are a sufficient number of accessibility options available
  • Policy Review - A review of the relevant national, regional & local policies relating to transport and how your development seeks to adhere to them
  • Junction/Network Capacity Assessments - A study into the existing local transport system and its ability to handle increase traffic flow
  • Identification of Impacts - A review of the potential impacts of the proposed development
  • Mitigation Measures - Expert design advice from our team as to how to mitigate the potential impacts of your development

We always encourage our customers to engage a transport consultant at an early stage so that they can liaise with design teams, engineers and planners.

This way, we can ensure that you get the result that you are aiming for.

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