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What is Sound Insulation Testing?

Acoustic testing (also known as sound insulation testing) is designed to measure the reduction of sound between adjacent buildings. Approved Document E of Building Regulations requires that buildings and developments in the UK have a specified minimum level of sound insulation between dwellings. Acoustic testing became a mandatory test in 2003 when Approved Document E of building regulations was updated.

Under Part E Building Regulations, a sample of units in new dwelling developments and refurbishments will require testing to demonstrate levels of sound insulation unless registration of the development with Robust Details has been undertaken. This has been extended to new schools (BB93) and to developers of buildings where sound might be an issue, for example, hospitals and hotels.

There are two ways in which you can test to achieve compliance. These are:

  • Test to the regime outlined in Approved Document E
  • Opt to use design details approved by Robust Details Ltd.

Sound insulation testing is also not required, under Part E, for both detached dwellings and refurbishment projects however it might still be an option for achieving credits towards a BREEAM or HQM assessment.

When is Sound Insulation Testing needed?

It is generally a good idea to have your testing carried out as early as possible as problems are more difficult to fix the further along you are. Where possible, it’s recommended that testing is carried out before kitchens or bathrooms are installed. The minimum that we require to be able to carry out a test is:

  • Doors, windows and seals should be fully fitted and able to close
  • All electrical fittings should be fitted and in working order
  • 240V mains power must be available on-site
  • All gaps in walls and floors should be fully sealed
  • All walls and ceilings should be plastered
  • No gaps remaining in floors or ceilings
  • Testers will require access to all rooms on all levels

How can Productivv Help?

Our UKAS accredited acoustic team will ensure that you get the high-quality testing that you require for Building Control sign-off. Along with easy-to-read reports and acoustic advice, we can also offer a full design review, pre-construction, to give you piece of mind that, come testing day, you’re development can pass first time.

For more information, please call us on 0333 339 2322 or use our handy contact form to send us an email.

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