Are your SAP calculations Productivv?

sap calculations

What are SAP calculations?

SAP calculations are the UK’s approved method of calculating the energy efficiency of new dwellings. It is also the way that your energy assessor will calculate your EPC rating.

Your assessor will use SAP calculations to generate EPCs and to show compliance with Part L of the UK Building Regulations. We use it in this way for both Part L1A (new builds) and Part L1B (conversions and over-glazed extensions).

When are SAP calculations needed?

It is important that you commission a SAP assessor before you start building. This will allow them to check that your design and proposed fittings comply with Part L before you commit to any material purchases. A SAP assessment comprises of 2 separate stages:

Design Stage – Using design drawings and a proposed specification, your assessor will model the dwelling(s) using approved SAP software to ensure that the design meets Part L regulations. If it does not, then we will offer recommendations that will ensure it does. As Built Stage – Once the building is complete, your assessor will ask you to confirm if there have been any changes to the original design during construction and update their dwelling model(s), again to ensure that the project still meets Part L regulations. If it does, then we will produce the final as built reports and lodge your EPC. If not, then we will again offer recommendations to achieve compliance.

How we make your SAP calculations Productivv?

At Productivv Energy we have a team of fully qualified energy assessors who take pride in helping our clients achieve the best possible outcome. So, no matter what your primary focus, cost, speed, or ease we will make sure you walk away happy.

On top of this, our assessors will take the time to explain the outcome of your assessment. We always go the extra mile to help you save money and get your best EPC rating.

For more information, call us on 0333 339 2322 or use our handy contact form to send us an email.

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